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Top reasons why you should choose LEXUS for fleet car management

Innovative hybrid technology:
LEXUS with their all new range of hybrid vehicles have plenty to offer to their valued clients. The hybrid cars combine the advantages of electric motors and gasoline engines to result in supreme fuel economy, lesser dependence on petrol engine, increased power, etc.

The hybrid feature enables automatic start and shut down of the engine as and when the car stops and restarts. This helps to conserve idle energy.

It further helps to store the energy (which is normally wasted during braking) in batteries for later use.

The hybrid aspect of the vehicles generates additional power in assisting the engine to accelerate the speed during hill climbing and enables the use of a compact efficient engine.

What’s more? Simply imagine the immense joy of being driven in an advanced automotive vehicle with world class features.

Contribution towards the environment:
At LEXUS the team believes in assuming the responsibility of doing their bit to save the environment. Today protecting the environment from the harmful greenhouse effects is the most challenging concern ever for the automobile industry. Keep this social responsibility in mind the research team at LEXUS aims in creation and formulation of ways to reduce the dependence on depleting natural resources and cut down on pollution by way of emission of harmful Carbon dioxide. One such example is the adoption of hybrid technology for their fleet cars. This is popularly known as the 360 degree approach in the realm of environmental leadership. Hybrid cars also help in the reduction of smog by almost 90%.

At LEXUS they strongly believe that the success of the firm is dependent on the efficient discharge of the social responsibility towards the environment and the society.

So when you hire the fleet management services of LEXUS indirectly you contribute towards a greener, safer and healthier environment.

Reasonable pricing:
At LEXUS efficient fleet management services are delivered at very reasonable prices. The comfort and safety their vehicles provide far outweighs the prices they charge for their services. Reasonable pricing is being made possible on account of the following factors:

LEXUS employs fully hybrid cars instead of conventional gasoline engine cars. This prominent hybrid feature not only saves the environment but also saves on the consumption of petrol or gasoline. Hybrid cars run on the dual working of rechargeable batteries and gasoline instead of the conventional gasoline alone. This means there is less spending on gasoline.

Secondly, the electric engine of hybrid cars starts and shut down immediately as and when the car stops and restarts thus saving on the consumption of gasoline. Hybrid cars are super economical as they use almost three times less amount of gasoline as compared to other cars.

Comfort and safety:
The hybrid cars at LEXUS provide absolute comfort. These cars can easily reach the speeds which electric run cars cannot. Moreover the cars are so ergonomically designed that it gives the driver a better grip and thus ensures safety standards.

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